Make your own style Sublimation Clothing in any polyester fabric by Bahlol intl factory in Sialkot Pakistan in small and big quantity on order.

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Bahlol Intl Sublimation Clothing production methodology quality confirmation techniques, expecting to recognize and forestall potential dangers on pre-creation stage. Our quality affirmation, arranging, sourcing and creation divisions working hoodies, shirts, tops, jackets, socks, suits etc in concordance centering into limiting expense of value and create on time shipment execution, hazard free and quality items to our clients.

Bahlol intl is registered Manufacturer company of sportswear, Sublimation Clothing based in Sialkot Pakistan. It?s providing a various types of fabric like polyester, fleece, lycra, mesh, jersey and many others etc. Also the most rising name in the line of manufacturing factories of Garments in Pakistan and also known as Globally since 2015.

If your are looking for any manufacturer & supplier of your product relating any type of Apparel, Men?s wear, Winter wear, Sportswear or any other type of product relating to textile, don?t need to go anywhere, You came at right place. You can get your product exactly what you want from here.

The impression of various color sublimation printing administrations has definitely expanded in the course of the most recent couple of years and numerous new players have arisen on the lookout. With regards to picking a sublimation printing administration things probably won’t be pretty much as straightforward as they were a couple of years prior. It’s vital that appropriate exploration is done prior to picking a printing administration in light of the fact that the nature of printing has a significant effect. Today, sublimation printing administrations utilize various advancements and techniques consequently it’s significant to choose a printing strategy that leans toward the texture and the spending plan.

The fabric that you really should be printed favors the printing system as many color sublimation printing administrations use heat while kicking the bucket the texture and it may change the idea of the texture. Another thing that can have an effect is the amount that is needed to be printed as a sublimation printing administration could possibly color a predetermined number of items. Speaking with the sublimation printing administrations can assist you with having a superior thought regarding the withering capacities of the printing administration. Assuming the point is to have various textures printed rapidly in huge amounts then you may have to consider diverse screen-printing administrations.

It’s a reality that the quantity of sublimation printing administrations has definitely expanded in the P.K however it is so easy to observe premium color sublimation organizations. It’s essential to know about your printing prerequisite when searching for a printing administration so you can advise the organization regarding your printing needs. The ascent popular for sublimation administrations has permitted the specialist organizations to take on extraordinary printing advancements making it more straightforward for the clients to get top notch printing results.

There are many attire producers that have begun to involve the sublimation strategy for the apparel range following the accomplishment of custom color sublimation shirts in the dress circuit. The developing innovation brings permitted the color sublimation organizations to the table for remarkable multicolor plans and examples that are attractive as well as have a tasteful allure. The market has seen a monstrous interest for sublimation printing shirts as they give incredible space to customization.

There’s a high possibility that you could possibly reach out to sublimation printing administrations that offer the best costs alongside premium quality assuming the statistical surveying is done in the correct manner. Distinctive sublimation administrations dominate in various printing choices so guarantee that you get a printing administration that knows about taking care of different sorts of textures.

Assuming you are searching for a sublimation printing administration that comprehends the nuts and bolts of printing then, at that point, Bahlol International is the ideal decision for you. Append aces in the assembling of custom color sublimation shirts that can be redone as per the requirements of the customer. Get sublimation printing shirts at the best costs and quality just at Bahlol International.

Custom sublimation printing can be best characterized as a well known printing strategy that targets moving plans from the sublimation paper onto the ideal piece of texture. Producers giving custom sublimation clothing have become moderately well known among the majority because of the extraordinary plan designs that diverse sublimation printing administrations have begun to offer. There are various clothing choices that are accessible in the market today with custom sublimation shirts starting to lead the pack in prominence.

One critical justification for the popularity of custom sublimation printing lies in the way that the printing technique permits the makers to explore different avenues regarding a wide scope of colors that assist them with involving multicolor choices for their texture. Various custom sublimation attire makers furnish their clients with a decision to get their selection of plans to be imprinted on the outer layer of texture at a reasonable cost. The rising acclaim of sublimation printing administrations has persuaded the shirts maker circuit to settle on remarkable printing decisions for their line of custom sublimation shirts.

Our strategically placed worldwide manufacturing facilities allow us to offer extremely competitive prices for fully custom Sublimation Garments. Being based in Central Sialkot Pakistan, we are able to help our clients stay ahead in the fast-paced world of Garments. Offering the lowest order minimum quantity in the industry means we can offer production solutions for small businesses, while other clothes manufacturers in the Pakistan may not entertain the needs of start ups.

Each item of Sportswear / Garments we produce is carefully cut and stitched by hand, with each garment subject to stages of quality control to ensure they meet the high standards of our customers. 

We at Bahlol Intl offer many encompassing brand solutions. To complement our Sublimation & clothing manufacturing service we offer a vast array of other services to assist Garments brands. We have a standard manufacturing strategy which is applied to most orders. Here you can find answers to some of our mostly frequent asked questions but for any additional information please feel free to contact us.

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Cotton & Organic cotton, Bamboo, Linen, Viscose


Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon, Satin, Recycled polyester & polyamide

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What we need from you

We need your own brand logo first to make your Garment.

Secondly, Your apparel design should be more clear to understand – How many panels, Sewing styles it needs to be made.

If you have a techpack of your desired clothing with all details: Fabric, size gradings, logo, printing or embroidery style etc, it will be superb.

You can also send us any hand made drawings on paper, that will also work.

After having the all information, According to the international market’s rule & regulations we need a advance payment to start your work.

It will be according to your requirements you can ask us more details by contacting with us by email or Whatsapp.

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