Wallnets | Flexible Goalkeeper Gloves for Pro Goalies

Wallnets Goalkeeper Gloves is owned by BHL Sports. We have created this Goalie gloves according to the Pro Level Goalkeeper with following features:

  • Ultra Negative Mixture of Three Cuts (Roll-Negative-Hybrid) with Wrapped Thumb (For Perfect Griping)
  • Full German Latex New Basic Backhand
  • German Latex Quartz Palm for more Durability
  • Tempura Foam Padded
  • 8mm Foam underhand with Lycra lamination
  • Removable Finger Spins
  • Long Elastic Strap.

Gloves Detail:


The Gloves is created like a very simple design. Our priority was to create a simple design with elite features Which give simple and beautiful look. We converted the gloves backhand into different panels as you can see: Fingers panel is separate to move the fingers easily, Same as The Gloves Backhand panel which will not stretch the wrist area and also the Thumb area.

Gloves Cut

It is the hybrid cut gloves. It is the combinations of three different Cuts Roll Finger, Negative, Hybrid. We have added the more latex on the index finger as well as small finger for having the best grip on the ball. Roll cut is used for adding the latex on finger and the negative cut used for the comfort and best fitting the gloves on your hand. You can read more about the cuts here GK Gloves Cuts


There are a number of materials for backhand use Backhand materials. We have used the German Latex New Basic foam on the backhand gloves. Which is softer than the other foams. If any one looking for the best foam if he want any type of embossing on it, the new basic latex is perfect for 2D, 3D embossing.


The most durable German latex Quartz foam has used as palm of the gloves.


We have used the lycra fabric with 8mm foam underhand the gloves for easy movements.

Finger Spins

The Gloves also has the Removable finger sticks. Mostly Goalies do not like finger protection. But at some points some Pro Goalies could need it.

How Does Designing costs the Brand?

When any brand start the New Range products. The Design and Development cost them Hundreds & Thousands of Dollars every Year for the New Range. Not only for this, Moreover after these processes they’re paying more extra money for make those designs happened. Which manufacturing processes take x3-4 more costs than the designing process. Specially those designs who requires some extra work through Metal moulds, Metal Dyes any related things etc can consume x10 or more then it.

Our Purpose to Make this Gloves

Basically we are the manufacturer of Goalkeeper Gloves and Garments. So that’s why, we make this gloves after the research and work as i said before. Our Purpose to make this gloves is not just selling to the end consumer, its purpose to help our costumers to save their expenses, who surfs huge cost just for only creating the new designs and making some developments in the gloves.