What size Muay Thai Gloves would it be advisable for me to purchase?

What Size Boxing Gloves Would it be advisable for me to purchase?

8 – October – 2021

An inquiry which comes up much of the time is which Muay Thai glove size should I purchase. This is a precarious inquiry and the appropriate response is, it depends.

Right off the bat alluding to Muay Thai gloves as being distinctive ‘sizes’ is somewhat of a misnomer. It brings to mind customary glove sizes where you are estimating them to fit various hands. This doesn’t matter with boxing gloves since they are planned to be worn with your hands bound with wraps. The wraps ensure your hand by restricting it together to forestall development and secure the little bones in your grasp. The cushioning in the gloves is uniquely intended to give sway insurance and padding.

With boxing gloves, be that as it may, the thing that matters is in the heaviness of cushioning. The decision of weight is vital. On the off chance that you buy a couple that are too ‘light’ for example have too little cushioning then you risk harming your hands when hitting the substantial sack or harming fighting accomplice. You might even find that you are not permitted to fight if your gloves are excessively ‘light’.

Assuming in any case, you purchase a couple that are too ‘weighty’ you might think that they are excessively awkward and inconvenient such that you will not appreciate utilizing them. You might wind up squandering cash by buying another pair.

How heavy should my Muay Thai gloves be?

16 oz Gloves

These are essentially the standard load for competing. Both Boxing and Muay Thai lean toward favor the utilization of 16oz gloves for competing. In the event that you weigh under 140lbs (63kg) you can generally get by with 14oz. Overall anyway you won’t turn out badly with a couple of 16oz gloves.

18 oz Gloves

Serious Genuine significant burdens will regularly put on 18 oz gloves for competing. This gives some additional security to their competing accomplices and adds additional load to make their punches faster when they drop down once more.

12 oz -14 oz Gloves

As referenced previously, contenders under (63kg) can generally get by with 14oz competing gloves. Overall be that as it may, these loads are typically utilized for sack/cushion work. You can work the sack with 16oz gloves however dropping down to lighter loads implies you can toss quicker and more successive punches.

You will truly appreciate tossing punches on the sack with these lighter weight gloves. I will in general favor utilizing 12oz gloves on the weighty sack. I discover I can toss more punches per adjust and can toss them a lot quicker with a 12oz glove.

8-10 oz Gloves

In Thailand, most Muay Thai sessions are battled utilizing 8 oz gloves. The heavier warrior may here and there utilize 10 oz. You can utilize 8 oz gloves for pack work or hitting cushions yet you will not have any desire to hit as hard since there is more danger of long haul harm.

Which size boxing glove would it be a good idea for me to purchase?

The glove size you use is altogether down to individual inclination, your battle style, how hard you hit, and your body weight. You will doubtlessly find that you need more than one bunch of gloves to cover every one of your necessities.

In the event that I needed to pick one glove to purchase first, it would be a bunch of 16 oz gloves. These can do nearly anything and it will not confine you from any exercises. With a couple of 16 oz gloves, you can deal with anything from fighting and substantial pack through to quick cushion work.

When I had my pair of 16oz gloves I would hope to add a lighter pair. No doubt a 12oz pair for use on those long adjusts on the sack.

At long last, I would snatch a light pair of pack gloves. These permit me to toss super-quick punches with negligible cushioning. They help to get your hand accelerate while as yet offering some assurance to the knuckles.


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