For Goalkeeper Gloves

Cuts for Goalkeeper Gloves

The most demanding range of the goalkeeper glove cuts out there, including the all the more energizing “hybrid” cuts that we use for the brands. Yet, don’t stress, we’re here to help and separate precisely what makes our cuts what they are.


The Flat Palm cut is a work of art and still well known cut right up ’til the present time, and one of the firsts to rise once the goalkeeper glove market started to create. On a flat palm cut you will see that its sewed gussets are situated outwardly versus within cuts that use negative, this gives an increasingly looser feel. The cut additionally comprises of one single bit of latex connected to the back of the glove, with the gussets in the middle of the fingers and palm.


Negative cut goalkeeper gloves (and hybrids that use this style) have turned out to be progressively prevalent over the previous years, especially crosswise over Europe. They are like the flat cut in that they utilize a solitary bit of latex appended to the backhand by means of gussets, the key distinction is that the sewing/gussets are inside the glove. This gives an a lot more tightly and cozy fit with control on the ball that is increasingly “valid” to your hand. Because of this, gloves using this kind of cut will wear somewhat faster than roll finger for instance. For a superior perspective on exactly what a negative cut is we prescribe investigating our model.


The “Negative Roll” cut is a hybrid style that joins negative and roll finger to create a considerably more noteworthy degree of solace, fit and feel. The fingers are rolled similarly any roll finger glove will, yet within the palm is sewed much like a negative glove. The advantages of this blend imply that if a cozy fit is your thing and you are a devotee of negative gloves, you can have a surprisingly better fit however with more latex contact on the ball on account of the rolled fingers. For those used to an increasingly open or baggy glove you might need to consider going one size up when picking a glove with this cut, an extraordinary model is our Gloves which uses a neg-roll hybrid.


What we call this Cut is a Hybrid Cut that joins negative and roll finger to make another extraordinary feel and style. The center two fingers are negative while the outside fingers are rolled. This was created to make a cozy and genuine feel for your center fingers as they fold over the ball where as the outside roll fingers give that extra latex to ball contact improving grasp in center ball to glove contact focuses. A genuine case of our Hybrid Cut can be seen on our model.


The expression “hybrid” essentially implies a mix, and does not really allude to a particular cut. A case of a “hybrid” cut would be the means by which our Gloves joins a pre-bended flat palm with negative sewing for a cozy and genuine feel significantly more so than a customary flat palm. Or then again how our Gloves consolidates flat and line less roll fingers to give really one of a kind paw like properties and fit.


Roll finger goalkeeper gloves are one of the most famous and customary cuts as of now accessible. They are named “roll finger” because of the way that the backhand is associated with the palm and does not utilize gussets. The outcome is the latex rolled/bended around the fingers which furnishes extraordinary latex contact with the ball, however isn’t as cozy or tight as a vibe in contrast with negative cut gloves, or hybrids that utilization negative. While it provides an agreeable vibe, some may see it as a marginally bigger or “bulkier” cut versus negative sort gloves. Our Gloves model uses a squared Roll Finger cut.