Genuine Leather Vs. Manufactured Leather for Boxing and MMA Gloves

Genuine Leather Vs. Manufactured Leather for Boxing and MMA Gloves

In the realm of boxing and MMA, genuine calfskin has forever been viewed as all that material that you can have on your hands. However, are the cutting edge engineered materials rapidly getting up to speed with regards to their general quality and solidness? What’s more, could they at any point profess to be pretty much as agreeable as a cowhide calfskin glove? All things considered, in this article we will put genuine cowhide versus manufactured calfskin properties for boxing and MMA gloves to the test and talk about the different benefits and detriments of the multitude of materials utilized in gloves today.

Key Takeaway:

Genuine calfskin gloves have consistently enjoyed the benefit of being more tough and adaptable as well as being better at taking care of dampness and smells. More up to date manufactured materials like microfiber, be that as it may, have kept them honest since microfiber is lighter, entirely breathable, and very enduring. Also that it is additionally eco-accommodating. A few other engineered materials like polyurethane and vinyl are additionally incredible choices since they are not difficult to keep up with and are a lot less expensive contrasted with genuine cowhide models.

While discussing materials, I will generally discuss boxing gloves since MMA gloves are innately the equivalent with regards to material choices. In addition, boxing gloves are a lot more established and have been the proving grounds for the majority of the calfskin types and engineered materials we see today on present day MMA gloves.

Before we proceed, ensure you actually look at my aide on probably the best MMA gloves during the current year. There, I’ve checked on gloves with both genuine and manufactured calfskin, trying to call attention to their solid and powerless sides contrasted with their fundamental rival models. Presently, we should hop straight into this!

Sorts of Boxing Gloves Materials

As of now, there are six primary sorts of calfskin utilized in various battling stuff, for example, gloves, shin protectors, caps, and others. Those are:

Cowhide calfskin
Bison calfskin
Goatskin calfskin
Polyurethane (PU)
We should investigate every one of those now and see what their upsides and downsides are…

Cowhide calfskin

Cowhide calfskin is a top-grain kind of calfskin that is utilized in the greater part of all cowhide boxing and MMA gloves. It is the go-to material decision for individuals that search for something enduring and strong. Gloves made from 100 percent cowhide calfskin are entirely agreeable on your hand, don’t develop smells after extreme preparation, and have a good stretch, permitting it to endure weighty sack preparing at various temperatures. Most experts settle on these gloves principally for their solace and life span. In any case, focus on the cowhide thickness as that will assume a fundamental part in how strong it is. The disadvantages here are that it requires cleaning and keeping up with every once in a while and that cowhide is likewise very costly.


Extremely delicate and agreeable
Ideal for competing and preparing
Great smell controlling properties


Some more slender cowhide calfskins can get harmed from weighty pack work
Must be kept up with now and again

Bison cowhide

In spite of being a higher-class calfskin than 100 percent cowhide, bison calfskin is in many cases viewed as the second-best cowhide material. The principal justification behind that is on the grounds that it is more coarse and it doesn’t look as smooth as cowhide. In any case, it is full-grain calfskin that has brilliant life span and strength contrasted with any remaining materials. It is additionally more costly and more support serious than other glove materials. To figure out how to clean and deal with your gloves, click here!


Generally durable material
Very sturdy
Doesn’t debase even following quite a while of preparing
Great for weighty sack work


Requires upkeep
Over the top expensive
Coarse look

Goatskin Leather

The third kind of cowhide that is normally utilized in gloves is goatskin calfskin. It is more slender than cowhide and bison calfskin however is seemingly milder and more strong than the two of them because of the presence of an extraordinary protein in it. It is additionally waterproof, making it incredible for fighting. On account of that waterproofing, these gloves are additionally more straightforward to keep up with. The disadvantage, in any case, is that they are very costly in any event, for a cowhide sets of gloves.


Extremely delicate
More slender than other genuine cowhides
Extremely simple to keep clean and keep up with
Genuinely solid


Goatskin cowhide gloves are more earnestly to find
Not extraordinary for weighty sack work


The principal manufactured material that I need to discuss is Vinyl. It was one of the leading edge manufactured materials that began being generally utilized in boxing and MMA gloves chiefly in light of the fact that it is not difficult to deliver, moderately modest, and very simple to keep up with in a great shape. Gloves made from vinyl, be that as it may, are more inclined to breaks over time, and are additionally less solid. They likewise have an alternate vibe while competing with them and won’t deal with successive weighty sack exercises well. Likewise with most other engineered materials, vinyl gloves will more often than not develop smells after some time.


Modest contrasted with genuine cowhide
Simple to keep up with
Really great for novices
Lighter than customary cowhide gloves


Scent develop can be an issue
Will more often than not break whenever utilized regularly
Some vinyl gloves can tear separated when utilized on a weighty sack

Polyurethane (PU)

Polyurethane is the most widely recognized engineered material for current MMA and boxing gloves. Very much like Vinyl, it is a minimal expense choice to calfskin. In contrast to Vynil, however, it handles consistent exercise routines somewhat better and is a smidgen more adaptable. It feels and looks great too, making it one of the most mind-blowing choices to cowhide you can get these days. PU gloves are likewise exceptionally light and are really great for competing and pack work, contingent upon their cost and quality. That is one more beneficial thing with these models, they range a great deal as far as their careful material creation, meaning you can get a PU glove at a deal value yet can likewise pay a remarkable penny for an exceptional PU pair.


Generally modest
Lightweight material
Simple to keep up with
Better than Vinyl for competing and preparing
More sturdy than Vinyl
Some exceptional PU models can endure some time


Not quite so tough as genuine cowhide
A few costly models do not merit their cash
Can develop awful smells when utilized as often as possible


Last yet certainly not least is Microfiber. It is the freshest manufactured material utilized in increasingly preparing gear thanks to its astounding properties. One of the most mind-blowing properties of microfiber is that it is significantly more breathable than Vinyl and PU, making it less inclined to scent fabricate ups and much better ventilated. It is additionally more strong than the other engineered other options.


Astounding at taking care of dampness and intensity
More tough than other engineered materials
Generally modest
Looks perfect
Incredible for a wide range of exercises


A smidgen more costly than PU and Vinyl
A few models can get truly costly
Needs more upkeep than other manufactured gloves

Cowhide versus PU Gloves

One of the most well-known banters in the MMA and Boxing universes is whether to utilize Leather or Polyurethane gloves. This discussion has marginally moved towards microfiber gloves on the manufactured side these days yet it actually stays as a general calfskin versus engineered conversation.

As we previously saw, the two sorts of materials have their own arrangements of upsides and downsides. In general, this can be completely reduced to your own inclinations. To spend a little fortune on your gloves and need a good option in contrast to a cowhide sets of gloves, then, at that point, present day engineered materials will furnish you with a lot of advantages. They are turning out to be increasingly strong and enduring with material headways and are additionally much better at controlling scents and dampness than they were quite a while back. That being said, engineered PU and microfiber gloves actually battle to completely duplicate the sensation of a calfskin glove also they are not even close to near presenting to you that credible cowhide feel and fragrance that all of us are developed to cherish in the exercise center.

What is the best material for MMA gloves

MMA gloves are not the same as enclosing gloves and handle materials various ways. They are additionally more modest, making them harder to deal with when producers are enveloping them by cowhide. Their cushioning is additionally broken into more modest segments that monitor your knuckles, fingers, and the highest point of your wrist. Some MMA gloves even have complex thumb defenders. MMA gloves are additionally utilized in hooking, fighting, and sack work, making them undeniably more inclined to mileage.

That is the motivation behind why most organizations relly on genuine calfskin for their gloves. Cowhide is the most well-known material of decision for the exceptional MMA gloves, despite the fact that some are likewise made from more up to date engineered materials, for example, microfiber.

Habitually Asked Questions

What are the various sorts of cowhide utilized in gloves?

Calfskin can be characterized into three gatherings – Full-grain, Top-grain, and certifiable. Full-grain cowhide is the most ideal choice you can get but on the other hand is the priciest. A genuine illustration of full-grain cowhide is bison calfskin. Top-grain calfskin, for example, cowhide is a level underneath full-grain however a great many people lean toward it rather since it is smoother and comparably tough. In spite of its name, certified calfskin is the most reduced sort of cowhide out there.

Could you at any point utilize engineered gloves on a punching pack?

A few engineered gloves utilize thicker manufactured materials (generally PU) that are explicitly intended for weighty pack use and competing. Those won’t break or tear over the long haul and are greatly improved to use on a pack than other engineered choices like Vinyl.

Last Words

Realizing the primary distinctions between genuine calfskin versus manufactured cowhide for boxing and MMA gloves will demonstrate valuable when you are looking for another pair. Eventually, everything reduces to your financial plan. On the off chance that you can bear the cost of a cowhide MMA glove, then it will last you far longer than some other engineered glove material. It will likewise deal with cushions and sack work better and you will not need to manage scent developing inside your gloves. All things considered, manufactured gloves are an incredible spending plan elective for a novice and a few models are shockingly sturdy and adaptable.

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