Why Does Every Brand Need Professional Photography?

Importance of Professional Photography for Every Brand

Being in the digital age, most of marketing works are done online. This means that in 99% of the cases, your sales will come from customers by finding you online for some means and that they would not be able to actually see or feel your products in person. That’s why, your images and the way that your products are presented on website or your social media streams will be the ‘make or break’ factor in the decision of the customer click through to actually purchase an item or not.

As your pictures are the represented all of your hard work, with no doubt countless hours being spent on product design and development process, you do not want to be worrying about items not actually being presented in the best light. After all, your photography is what shall actually sell the item in many cases.

Putting that responsibility in the hands of a novice is a bad idea.

The end game for brands is turning a profit, but at the early stages of the new businesses, deciding factor in most decisions is money, and you will be reading no doubt that thinking ‘that all sounds very nice, but can I afford a professional?’ Thankfully, the answer to it is ‘Yes’, you probably can. It could be a lot more affordable than you would first imagine and if you think it is expensive to hire a professional to do that job, wait until you hire an amateur.

You do not need to spend thousands either. For relatively small amount, you can get photography which shall contribute to selling your items in a way which, if you were not to invest that money, could result in you sitting on stock for more longer than you originally intended.

professional photography setup

Benefits of Photography

There are some stand-out benefits of investing in high-quality product photography, and we are going into a little more detail about these below:


Professional photographers are much more than just picture takers. Like any profession, they probably loved what they do and will be very proud of their work they put out into the market. With a number of photographers being self-employed too, word of mouth also goes a long way and they thrive on customers satisfactions throughout the whole experience.

One of the often forgotten elements of photography is that while as more as possible is done via the camera, lighting and post-editing have of huge importance too. Just photography itself (without proper lights or editing) will result in half decent images which do not live up to industry standards.

Professional photographers will take your initial photos and then finish them with lighting and post-editing which combine to give you one of a kind pictures which accurately portray your brand and your products.


When any potential customer comes to your website or social media, you will only actually have a very short amount of time to engage and convert them from prospective customer to a paying customer. If you are an online business only, a prospective customer will not be able to physically handle your products before they buy them, so photography is only the way you can convey the design and quality of item.

Professional photographers are experts in making your photos match your branding, and they are able to give an accurate representation of your products, meaning is, there are no nasty surprises for the customers when they receive their products.


The last thing you want to be perceived is as an amateur. There are thousand’s of other brands out there who might be doing something similar to you, all of the whom are competing for business from the market. That’s why, if some-one in the market is looking at two brands, one of which has professionally photography and the other one has clearly taken a dimly lit picture on a wardrobe in their bedroom, it is highly likely they will trust the more established looking brand with their money. It is important to understand, if a customer is going to part with their hardly earned cash, you will need to appear credible.


Your new brand is not going to be a one-hit wonder; you want to control stick around for the long run, and for that, you’ll need to be ensured that you could maintain a consistent brand ‘voice’ throughout everything you do. A professional photographer is an expert in getting great results every time. Whether you are inside or outside, in a studio or on a location which fits your brand ethos, your photographer will know exactly what to do for ensuring that your products are conveyed to best of their ability every time. If you always use the same photographer every time, that is even better.

Technical Skills

Continuing on from photographers are not just being picture takers, it is important to understand, not just anyone can set up a lighting rig or use the latest photo-editing software ‘Adobe Photoshop’ or any other to achieve great results every time. It takes years of study, hard work and trial & error to know exactly what to do with the camera and lighting in every situation. If you use a professional who has related field in their portfolio, you could be safe in the knowledge that they will have done this before. On the other side, if you use that friend with the good camera, you could be wasting time if they are not familiar with the points mentioned above.


You will be thinking about your marketing strategy at this point in your brand, and you will probably be using social media as an integral part of that. Now, if you go on to a site like Twitter & Instagram and you search a hashtag related to your market, have a look at the images which pop out and hit you straight away. You want to be creating those images, and it is easy to spot which ones are the more amateur than others. Before you even get a customer on your website, you need to engage them to the point, they will actually look at your page, and without professional, high-quality photography, you will be lucky for them to get that far.

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