Why Product Photography is Important for E-Commerce

The Importance of Product Photography for E-Commerce

Up until this point, we have mainly been talking about the images that really grab the attention of your prospective customer there. Once a potential customer gets your website, you need to direct them towards a product they want and when they get to the products, you need to make sure, they like what they see.

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What is the Importance of the product pages

The importance of the product pages on your e-commerce website should not be underestimated. After all, what is the point in putting all that effort into directing the someone towards your website, having them get to your products, and then not be able to see everything they need to push them toward making purchase?

It is no secret that photography is the largest influence on a customer when shopping online, so here we will discuss some of the key images you should include on your website.


You will need a good, overall product shot at the best angle of the product. If you are retailing shirts, for example, the customer will want to see the front of it, but this is really the bare minimum you can get away with, and do you just want to ‘get away’ with it? You must show as many images and the angles as you can.


Consider the other things a customer might want to see and create fantastic detail shots to go along with your main photos. The high-quality construction that you are really happy with and the neck label which you spent hours toiling over before deciding on the final design are perfect examples of things you can show on your products pages. Even better, have a zoom-able area which will allow the customer to examine the fabric and the quality of the embroidery or print or anything that you have insisted be as high-quality as possible.

As said before, the last thing you want is a return because of a nasty surprise in the design that a customer could not see before purchasing.

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