Garment Manufacturing Process: Step by Step Section Wise

Piece of clothing manufacturing is a gigantic cycle. All tasks are finished in various divisions in article of clothing industry. Depicting momentarily about clothing production is preposterous. Piece of clothing producing is a consecutive cycles like planning, examining, laying, stamping, cutting, sewing, checking, getting done with, squeezing and bundling and so on. In this cycle, unrefined components convert into completed items. I will depict all activities of article of clothing producing bit by bit in area wise.

Stream Chart of Garment Manufacturing Process:




Design Grading

Marker Making

Spreading Fabric

Cutting Fabric

Figuring out and packaging cut texture


Gathering the part by sewing

Sewing quality examination


Hand Tag/Label

Last Inspection


Size wise cartooning

Animation Inspection



Piece of clothing producing process in various branches of article of clothing industry are portrayed beneath:

Sample Section:

There are many sorts test are required when pieces of clothing will make an item. (Garment Manufacturing Process)

Types of sample:

  • First example test
  • Advancement test
  • Second example test
  • Counter example
  • Sales rep test
  • Photograph test
  • Endorsement test
  • Pre-creation test
  • Creation test
  • Shipment test

Types of sampling with their details:

1. First pattern sample:

A plan given by purchaser and make it actual form of the piece of clothing.

Here are a few measures to foster a first example. They keep up with succession to foster it.

Thinking about a plan

Attract CAD



2. Development Sample:

Which test are created by test segment from essential example test.

3. Second Pattern Sample:

Typically architect/engineer generally request a few changes to the primary example. Second example is made according to remarks.

4. Counter Sample:

Where first example is made on planners fine art, Counter example is to make not on originator’s craftsmanship, needs to follow one more example given by the merchandiser.

5. Salesman Sample:

Sales rep Sample is made when PRICE is affirmed and request are on hypothesis. Purchaser held a gathering with its client and record their reaction on request amount per COLOR, SIZE and so on lastly plac request to their merchant. (Garment Manufacturing Process)

6. Photo Sample:

Photograph tests are made with genuine variety and material to be worn by models on the occasion of SHOOTING for list.

7. Approval Sample:

It is shipped off purchaser for his APPROVAL of the similarity that the update is done accurately. On the off chance that any issue found, the example return to pieces of clothing.

8. Pre-Production Sample:

At the point when the creation frill come to the pieces of clothing for the creation then articles of clothing makes an example for a purchaser. Which is called pre-creation test.

9. Production Sample:

Affirmation to the purchaser that the mass is being created according to details.

10. Shipping Sample:

This example ship off delivery reviewer. Who give the item to the purchaser. It is significant example due to delivery reviewer give a note to purchaser as test base.

garment sample section

Sample making procedure:

There are many sorts of technique to make test. However, in my articles of clothing, they follow this type strategy. I’m giving a stream outline to making test in my piece of clothing producing industry.

Thinking and Sketch

Material and first Pattern

Photograph type test and give the example to purchaser

Take the purchaser remarks


Endorsement For Production

Take the purchaser remarks

Mass creation

Send Photo, Sales man, delivering test

Creation Sample

Ship off the Garments

Cutting Section:

Texture is a solitary piece of sheet. At the point when we want pieces of clothing then we really want to cut. Cutting is last step of test, marker and texture spreading. Since next process is sewing. While sewing begins then other interaction likewise begins. (Garment Manufacturing Process)

There are many kinds of cutting cycle yet in Bangladesh nearly everybody utilizes an equivalent cycle. Furthermore, this is physically process. Cutting expert cut the texture by hand cutting machine. There is a major long table where cut the texture.

garment cutting section

Pattern Making Section:

Design making process is drawing or craftsmanship in a level paper of level texture. Fundamentally, article of clothing fabricating ventures make their example by utilizing level paper. Since example can without much of a stretch removable from design paper. In this way, articles of clothing businesses follow the example making process by utilizing paper. In Divine Textile Ltd, they likewise make their example by utilizing paper. Also, the paper name is design paper. (Garment Manufacturing Process)

Design is significant on the grounds that, it is essential phase of a pieces of clothing making. In the event that example is precise, the articles of clothing ought to be exact. Purchasers give the size rundown to the articles of clothing, then, at that point, the pieces of clothing follow the size and offer the example with leeway. Design is the huge issue for each article of clothing.

Marker Making Section:

Marker is a cycle where each example is kept in a long texture. Also, this cycle processing plant limited the wastage of the texture prior to cutting. Marker increment the effectiveness of the texture.

Types of marker making:

  1. Manually marker making process
  2. Computerized marker making process

1. Manually marker making process:

Here a man done the producer by physically. No PC programming is utilized them. Essentially, who do this interaction he will be extremely capable individual, and he know how to do this. In my pieces of clothing the producer making process is physically.

2. Computerized marker making process:

This is hundred percent done by PC, by utilizing CAD (Computer helped plan) or numerous others programming.

Effect of Marker Making:

  1. Increase efficiency
  2. Minimize fabric wastage
  3. Maximized using of fabric

Cutting Process:

  • Marker Making
  • Texture Spreading
  • Marker arrangement
  • Joining with cut
  • Cut the texture
  • Numbering
  • Packaging

Heat Cutting system:

At the point when we want to cut non-woven texture then ordinary cutting machine isn’t reasonable for cutting, on the grounds that non-woven texture is essentially tricky then other texture. So we want to warm cutting machine.

Types of cutting process

  1. Manual Cutting
  2. Heat Cutting
  3. Lesser Cutting

Sewing Section:

Sewing is large significant piece of an article of clothing’s item. Without great sewing we can’t present our items in around the world. Sewing is an interaction where two bits of texture are join. Many elements are connected with sewing. (i.e.: Needle size, Machine type, Thread count, Worker limit, Production line and so on) So sewing segment isn’t just texture go along with, it is center piece of a piece of clothing fabricating industry. (Garment Manufacturing Process)

garments sewing

Elements of sewing:

  1. Sewing Machine
  2. Needle
  3. Thread/Yarn

Sewing Process:

In my industry they follow a cycle to keep up with sewing.

Gather texture from cutting segment

Input the texture into the line

Set the machine settings

After creation meeting

Creation line up set

Creation Starts

Actually look at merchandise quality by Sewing Quality Inspector

Issue return to the specialist


Quality Section:

very piece of clothing guarantees the quality first, since, in such a case that articles of clothing can’t guarantee the quality then that pieces of clothing can’t track down great transfer in future. In Divine Textile Ltd, 60 individuals are worked in wrapping up. 20 specialists are completing quality auditor, 20 laborers are sewing quality investigator, 10 laborers are aide completing quality overseer and 10 specialists are associate sewing quality assessor. Furthermore, this articles of clothing additionally has investigation room. They give some super advanced machines and Quality chief for every purchaser.

Garment inspection

Packing Section:

After the passing quality segment, our articles of clothing are prepared for shipment. Before shipment we want to pack our item. In rabbit 30 specialists and 5 pressing directors are work for pressing. Pressing style differs purchaser to purchaser. Then they adhere to the guidelines and pack the products for the shipment.

garment packing section

It is simple work yet not all that simple. In the first place, they pack the item in poly-pack and afterward they put all pieces of clothing in the animation. Animation size is additionally given by purchasers. What’s more, the number of pieces that are kept in a one animation likewise provide in the request sheet.