How to Find Best Goalkeeper Gloves Manufacturer

Find Best Goalkeeper Gloves Manufacturer

Goalkeeper Gloves is one of the complicated products. Which doesn’t need only one type of material to produce. That’s why It is difficult to find best supplier & Manufacturer of this item. You can identify the best Goalkeeper Gloves Manufacturer / supplier by asking him these three questions about the major cost effective parts of gloves.

Ask Palm Material

Palm material is the most important part of Goalkeeper Gloves, There are many types of German Latex that looks same but these are completely different according their prices and griping. For example: GIGA Palm and New Basic Palm looks and feel same but they both have a huge difference in cost and Griping. For more information about the Palm materials take a look at our website.

Ask Backhand Material

The Backhand material is very important if you want the get the quality Gloves. Same as Palm backhand also have some verity of materials.
For example: Difference between Latex and Damboo etc. Not easy to judge which has best performance. Damboo may give you more performance than Latex but if you want quality Latex gives best Quality of Printing and Embossing.

Ask For Underhand Fabric

Underhand Fabric are used under the Backhand Latex. You have seen in mostly gloves there are many kind of fabric used. It is also effective on the cost like Palm and Backhand.




  • ​You can also ask for Printing Process and types what they offer.
  • And for embossing types​.


Don’t trust on that supplier who said ‘I can make your own designs sample gloves free of cost’. It’s fake. Because every item which is embossed or printed, its sampling cost is very expensive than other products due to their embossing blogs and printing process.



For more information about materials and process kindly Download this file: GK Gloves specification

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