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Make your own style latex SOCCER Football by Bahlol Pvt Ltd, Manufacturer factory in Sialkot Pakistan in small and big quantity on order.


Bahlol intl is a standout amongst the best OEM Industry, Soccer Football Manufacturer based in Pakistan and exports the balls worldwide, ideal for advancement and plan your items. You can make your own style balls in any kind of latex, however it is outer latex lining (PVC, PU, TPU etc) or Bladder (Butyl, Latex etc) in Thermal bonding, hand stitched or hybrid sewing. yet additionally for them who simply need begin another business with gainful and inventive merchandise. 

Bahlol intl is one of the Pakistan’s driving Soccer Balls creators and various things, at the forefront of thought arrangement, model headway and full scale creation; conveying Products of the most raised quality to little and medium assessed Brands brands.We have intentionally set collecting workplaces, which enables us to in all likelihood deliver things at both low sums and mass the same. In view of consistent progression, Bahlol intl is satisfied to offer industry driving least solicitation sums for the age of custom product.


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A football, soccer ball, football ball, or affiliation football ball is the ball utilized in the game of affiliation football. The name of the ball fluctuates as indicated by whether the game is designated “football”, “soccer”, or “affiliation football”. The ball’s circular shape, just as its size, weight, and material arrangement, are determined by Law 2 of the Laws of the Game kept up with by the International Football Association Board. Extra, more severe norms are determined by FIFA and subordinate administering bodies for the balls utilized in the contests they endorse……

Bahlol intl is a boss among the best OEM Industry, Soccer Balls Manufacturer arranged in Pakistan and admissions the Balls all over the planet, ideal for movement and plan your things. You can make your own style Balls in any kind of plastic, in any case it is yet additionally for them who fundamentally need start one more business with advantageous and innovative item. Bahlol intl is one of the Pakistan’s driving Soccer Balls makers and different things, at the forefront of thought arrangement, model progress and full scale creation; passing on Products of the most raised quality to little and medium evaluated brands. We have deliberately set accumulating work environments, which empowers us to no doubt convey things at both low totals and mass something very similar. Considering steady movement, Bahlol intl is fulfilled to offer industry driving least requesting totals for the period of custom item.

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Our intentionally situated generally speaking gathering workplaces license us to offer extraordinarily genuine expenses for completely tweaked Football Balls. Being arranged in Central Sialkot Pakistan, we can assist our clients with remaining ahead in the fast moving universe of Garments. Offering the most decreased solicitation least sum in the business infers we can offer creation deals with serious consequences regarding autonomous organizations, while different pieces of clothing producers in the Pakistan may not draw in the necessities of new organizations.


Everything of Balls/various Sports stock we produce is carefully cut and sewed the hard way, with everything subject to periods of significant worth control to ensure they fulfill the high rules of our customers.

We at Bahlol intl offer many including brand game plans. To enhance our Balls and pieces of clothing creating organization we offer a colossal area of various organizations to help Garments brands. We have a standard collecting procedure which is applied to most requests. Here you can find replies to a piece of our generally standard presented requests yet for any additional information generously feel free to contact us.


Balls Types

Bahlol intl generally work in different types of balls like Hand Stitched, Thermal, Hybrid, Machine stitch and many others etc….

Rexine we generally work with





Outer Rexine

  • PVC
  • PU
  • TPU
  • Grain PU
  • SLB
  • Chines PU
  • L/150
  • PU Leather
  • Korean PU (Korean Duxon)
  • Japanese PU
Football Bladder


  • Latex
  • Butyle

Designing we generally work with

Embossing is a popular customization method which is achieved by applying surface treatments to the surface which make it look like it has been gotten thicker. But in the ever changing world of fashion it is a very popular way for brands to create unique items. Footballs are commonly Embossed for latex backhands

We offer a vast range of printing methods, most commonly screen printing is commonly used to transfer the large designs to a piece of balls and is suited for use in quite simple design.

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What we need from you


We need your own brand logo first to make your Balls.


Secondly, Your Gloves design should be more clear to understand – What cut panels, Sewing styles it needs to be made.

You can also send us any hand made drawing on paper.


If you have a techpack of your desired design with all details: material, size gradings, logo, printing style etc, it will be superb.

Advance Payment

After having the all information, According to the international market’s rule & regulations we need a advance payment to start your work.

It will be according to your requirements you can ask us more details by contacting with us by email or Whatsapp.

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