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Premium Sweatpant Manufacturer

Bahlol International is top and high-end Sweatpant Manufacturer, we take great delight in providing our clients with top-notch items.

We have 2 Sweatpant manufacturing options:


Bahlol International, a leading Sweatpant Manufacturer based in Pakistan, ships worldwide. We excel in product planning and advancement, offering custom-style Sweatpant made from various cotton fabrics like combed, fleece, and jersey. With printings like sublimation, silicone, embroidery, heat sticker, 3D, and vinyl, we cater to diverse needs. Whether you’re an established brand or starting a new business, we’re here to assist you. Trust us for successful and original Sweatpant that sets you apart.

Sweatpant Manufacturer

For Startups

Premade Sweatpant Designs

Simply click on the link below to design your Sweatpant online and place an order with your own logo.

  • Production time: 30 days
  • Delivery time: 7-15 days (more or less)
  • Payment Method: Bank / PayPal / Stripe / Credit Card (For online order)

Design online


Just click on the link below and design your Sweatpant. online and place order online with your own logo



Sweatpant Manufacturer

Custom Logo

Customize Material

Have your own design


Get your own design Sweatpant by simply sending us your design, logo, and data. Without a doubt, we’ll send you the estimate before getting to work.

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Please see pictures of


Sweatpant Manufacturer


Hoodie 34


Please download the catalogue below


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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Minimum Order Quantity Available?

Our minimums generally start at 50-100 items per style.

Can I get samples or prototypes made? or Free Samples?

Yeah you can get samples. But We don’t offer free samples. Because mostly there are many complicated and expensive thing are held during the sampling process

How Long Does Production Take?

We take 30 days as per MOQ. More days depends on the quantity of the order.

Whats is your Payment methods?

You can pay us via Bank transfer, Western union, MoneyGram, Transfer wise, PayPal.

Why Choose Us

Our minimum order quantities are the lowest in the industry. We also allow you to split sizing within our minimum order quantity, meaning you can start your brand with a larger range as opposed to a limited collection.

Utilizing our infrastructure we’re able to give extremely competitive pricing for low quantity custom clothing& Goods offering fantastic mark ups when retailing or distributing.

Specializing in manufacturing clothing, Gloves, Ball for startups and small to medium sized brands, we have a lot of experience in growing brands from just an idea, to a profitable reality.

Many clothing and other goods produced in factory is handmade and goes through quality control process throughout manufacturing, ensuring you always receive products you can trust will meet the high standards of both yourself and your customers.