Cotton Fabric and its different 99 types

What is Cotton and where does it originate from ?

Cotton needs no presentation. With in excess of 100 million (480 pound bunches) underway everywhere throughout the world it is effectively one of the most well known dressmaking fabric around the globe.

Man has been making fabric from cotton filaments since a long lengthy timespan. I read that from the ancient occasions man utilized clothes produced using cotton strands. Individuals in Indus Valley human advancement utilized cotton clothes and that was 3300 BC. Today India is the greatest maker of cotton pursued by China

Cotton is ever prominent as the best ( easy to refute ofcourse) fabric for clothing. Millions pick it out of need ( on the grounds that it is economical) many pick it out of inclination ( as a late spring neighborly fabric) Many pick it for its magnificence (think crepe, damask) numerous for its solace ( your comfortable terry towels and sheeting) Many pick it as an eco benevolent decision ( in light of the fact that it is produced using a plant) and as a style explanation ( your denim jeans). Whatever is your reason, you happen upon cotton ordinarily in your day by day lives.

cotton fabric

How is cotton made?

cotton plant

The cotton plant is a bush which is planted in spring and it is prepared for gather inside 2 to 3 months. Reaping is done when the bloom of the bush parts open to uncover the chunk of cotton.

Hand work or a machine can gather the cotton and, when gathered, make them into bundles. These parcels are cleaned and washed, isolating the earth and lint that accompanies the strands.

The parcels at that point go into the turning procedure, where the filaments are contorted to make string or yarn. These strings are then handled in particular weavers, they are woven into fabric.

A few properties of cotton are not all that ruddy as the ones composed previously. Cotton psychologists and sewing clothes with cotton fabric before prewashing it is much the same as a sewing calamity. For the most part it will be diminished to a size littler after the main wash.

Some brilliant hued cotton will drain. It’s anything but a lovely sight to see red and green mixed together in your dress in the wake of going through two hours of moved exertion in sewing it.

Another weakness is that cotton fabric wrinkles a great deal. At the point when cotton is blended with different filaments like polyester and silk, a large number of these disadvantageous properties are dealt with.

white cotton fabric

Cotton fabric – Different names and various sorts

You go to purchase cotton and leave away stupefied at the various kinds of cotton before you. It has transpired. There are a hundred kinds of cotton . The principle ones are as per the following : I have taken them from this post on various sorts of fabric


An inexactly woven cotton fabric, which is lightweight, that is utilized to make shirts and underwear.It is a trademarked name


Modest coarse cotton fabric .

Bark Cloth

Somewhat finished, Rugged looking 100% cotton fabric ( So named on account of its similarity to the first bark cloth produced using the bark of trees), utilized for unlined coats and skirts.

Basket weave

This cotton fabric has a checkerboard design in its weave. Generally used to make mens shirts

Broderie Anglaise

This is a cotton fabric with wonderful eyelets everywhere.

Brushed cotton

Cotton fabric which is brushed superficially to evacuate additional lint and filaments, making it extra delicate and smooth. Flannel is a brushed cotton fabric


A lightweight cotton fabric woven with two hued yarns

Cotton backed Satin

An extremely high radiance satin with a rayon face and a cotton back.

Cotton voile

Lightweight and to some degree sheer fabric, it is ideal for hanging.

Cotton Lawn

Cotton Lawn is like cotton voile, however crisper.


A fabric utilized as solidifying for dresses. It was mainstream in the past days as the firm fabric made of cotton or linen make the underskirt for outfits


A rich, gleaming reversible fabric of silk, fleece, linen, cotton, or engineered filaments typically woven with an assortment of expound designs that are level. It is utilized for table spreads, napkins, shades, upholstery cloth, and so on . They can be reversible or uneven as it were. Plans botanical or geometrical.

Cotton Batiste

A fine lightweight semi sheer cloth utilized in treasure sewing

Bengaline cotton

A woven fabric with befuddle ribs rembling grossgrain


A slender and delicate lightweight cotton fabric . Used to make summerclothes and hankies

Bedford cotton

A solid ribbed fabric that resembles corduroy . Typically utilized for bedsheets

Bipolished cotton

A kind of cotton treated by a protein that evacuates the harshness superficially


A clothing fabric that is firmly woven in a plain weave with a transversely rib. Like poplin, however better. Prior broadcloth used to be made of fleece yet these days it is made of cotton or cotton/polyester blends.


A plain weave cloth coarser than muslin produced using unbleached and not completely handled cotton.


An exceptionally fine fabric, with no weaving shortcomings. It is made of cotton


A very solid fabric made of cotton or linen. Canvas comes in two kinds – plain and duck.


A lightweight, woven fabric made of fleece, cotton, or rayon, either in a solitary shading or in little prints. Its marginally brushed surface makes a silky completion that can without much of a stretch be colored and is generally machine launderable.


A fine, lightweight cloth (normally cotton) in a plain weave with hued, the long way strings and a white fill.


A delicate, lightweight fabric woven with a satin weave. It is a silk, cotton, or artificial fabric with a smooth, semi-glossy satin complete and a dull matte backing.It is an entirely drapable material and sparkly silk and delicate, so prominent to make dresses


Fabric made with an Incredibly delicate, fluffy cotton yarn with projecting heap ; It is prevalently utilized in upholstery or for making cushions, covers

Cheese cloth

This is an all around approximately woven gauze like fabric which is utilized in readiness of cheese and for covering sustenance


A tough cotton fabric made of a twill, which has a sheen. It was initially utilized in England for military outfits. Washes and wears very well with at least consideration


A normally coated printed cotton fabric with splendid figures, huge blossom plans, winged creatures and different structures. It likewise comes in plain colors.It is named after the Indian word “Chint” signifying “wide, grandiosely printed fabric”. Utilized broadly in upholstery fabric.

Combed cotton

Alludes to cotton with the most elevated string check with most noteworthy quality. At the point when cotton is “combed,” the most limited, extra filaments of a cluster are expelled. This procedure delivers brilliant yarns with phenomenal quality and delicateness. Combed cotton is better, gentler, more grounded and progressively conservative.


A medium-to heavyweight thick and ribbed fabric (generally cotton), regularly utilized for clothing. An unmistakable example of vertical ribs, tufted “ropes” is framed by wound filaments that falsehood parallel to each other with directs in the middle of the ropes. A tough cloth, it is utilized to make coats, pants and so forth.


A very delicate and ecologically solid material produced using a mix of Angora hare hair and organic cotton.


A puckered looking cotton fabric ; It is exceptionally prominent for making outfits


A wonderful designed cotton fabric made on a jacquard loom.

Denim/dungaree/jeans fabric

A tough twist confronted overwhelming weighted rough coarse strong twill-weave cotton fabric; It is generally of shading blue and is utilized to make work clothes and noticeably used to make jeans and easygoing wear.It does not stretch or wrap well.

Double cloth

This a reversible cloth which is made by restricting two unique fabrics with yarn

Diaper cloth

A fabric (generally cotton or linen) with a twill dobby or plain weave; retentive


A solid cotton fabric with a raised example; utilized for bedcovers and blinds; sheer, meager, white or printed fabric with the long way ropes, stripes or checks.


Cotton twill fabric utilized in people’s slacks.When colored a khaki shading, drill is additionally called “khaki”.

Duck cloth

A plain woven cotton fabric medium-weight cloth (typically cotton) that is delicate, breathable and tough. Firmly woven and holds shading beautifully.It is regularly called canvas.It is a strong utility cloth utilized in home stylistic layout ventures.

Egyptian cotton

Egyptian cotton is a finely woven, great cotton from Egypt. This high evaluation of cotton brags the longest and most grounded fibers.It is known for its delicateness.

English net

Fabric made of strings tied to frame a work. English Net is normally heavier than nylon net. Normally produced using cotton or polyester, it is a lot milder and utilized as a base on which to applique themes.


A delicate medium weight cotto fabric with a rested completion. The snooze might be available on one side or the two sides . It is well known in making child clothes and covers


Fleece may in some cases be made of cotton

Flannel cotton

This is a plain or twill weave fabric which has a rest on one or the two sides.


A delicate cotton fabric mirroring flannel.It has a snooze on one side.

French terry

This is a circled cotton fabric which is spongy. An inappropriate side of this fabric will be level and is well known in making sportswear


A term given to the class of cotton fabrics which incorporates corduroys, moleskins, constitution lines, ropes, overwhelming Bedford strings, and so forth., utilized for clothing purposes.fabric with a slight rest


A sheer lightweight cotton fabric with a free weave. Typically found as a gauze dressing yet additionally used to make clothes


A firm, intense firmly woven fabric with an unpretentious, inclining line of twill and now and then a high sheen.Used to make suits, jackets, pants, garbs, coats, and different pieces of clothing; generally worsted fleece, however may likewise be cotton, texturized polyester, or a blend


A center weight, plain woven cotton fabric regularly striped or checked in white and a striking shading or plaid utilizing at least two hues with a plain weave made of cotton or cotton blend yarn.It gets from Malay word gingang which means striped. The example of hued squares in a gingham cloth is extremely alluring

Irish poplin

Fine linen or cotton shirting likewise made in Ireland. It was initially a fabric developed with silk twist and fleece filling in plain weave with fine rib


A fine, sheer plain-weave cotton fabric

Jersey (Cotton)

A sew fabric that is made of cotton filaments. Delicate and breathable, with extra “give”or extend for solace. It is a light to medium weight fabric which is extremely prevalent in making dresses, and tops


Fabric made of cotton ( can be of linen, fleece, worsted, or synthetic filaments and blends likewise) ;The name means earth shading and is gotten from Indian word; this fabric is a Tan or dusty hued twist face twill.


A finely-woven, semi-fresh fabric woven in cotton (or linen). It is exceptionally lightweight breathable and has a smooth surface. It is principally utilized in treasure dresses, pullovers, collars, and sleeves. Likewise makes extraordinary underlining.


Cotton or linen fabric with the snooze raised on one side; used to dress injuries

Linen cotton mix

The blend of linen and cotton strands to make a fabric which has all the look and feel of linen with less of its inclination to wrinkle.


A fabric woven with lisle string (a kind of cotton).

Liquid cotton

A sumptuous cotton jersey planned with a ultra-smooth and smooth completion.

Madras cotton

A lightweight, breathable cotton with a run of the mill designed surface, frequently in splendidly shaded plaid designs, utilized fundamentally for warm-climate clothing.


A corded fabric (generally silk, however might be cotton, fleece or rayon) having a wavy, watermarked design superficially


A substantial cotton fustian cloth with an incredible number of picks raised before coloring, bringing about a brushed surface. Has an inclination that felt. Utilized for laborers’ clothing where extremely hard wear is required. It is utilized to make sportswear.


A plain delicate fine sheer fabric of cotton, silk, or rayon. The cloth is dyed and delicate wrapped up.


A medium-weight, woven fabric of cotton or cotton/polyester blends of plain weave. Utilized in a wide assortment of sheers and sheeting. It is dyed and undyed. It is extremely practical and arrives in a decent scope of loads and fineness.


A sort of pale yellowish cotton cloth


A fine slim, light, and straightforward cotton fabric with a solid, fresh completion. It is the sheerest best cotton cloth

Organic cotton

Cotton developed on fields where the dirt is free of every fake pesticide or bug sprays.

Oxford cloth

A delicate, thick and strong, cotton or manufactured blend with a plain or basket weave that flaunts a silk like, radiant completion. It is typically used to make shirts; It is described with thin stripes and can be woven in plain or basket weave.


A firmly woven plain-weave fabric that is smooth, firm, medium weight and fine. Generally made of cotton from at least 180 strings for every square inch

Pima cotton

Probably the best grade of cotton on the planet with long, sumptuous fibers.This lavish high caliber long-staple cotton opposes pilling.


A kind of weave with two-more than, one-under sewing. More sturdy than most weaves yet less delicate than sateen. This delicate and shiny oxford cotton has a ultra-fine basket weave.


A lightweight, cotton weave fabric with openwork designs in it . The geometric openwork examples makes it a most loved for making kidswear

Polished cotton

Either a satin weave cotton or a plain weave cotton that is done artificially to seem sparkly.


A blend of polyester and cotton.The blending of fabric filaments makes this fabric wrinkle safe and colourfast. This fabric is utilized to make an assortment of articles of clothing including no wrinkle shirts.


A firmly woven plain-weave fabric (more often than not a light weight cotton) described by a corded surface. ( fine even ribs) A tough fabric, poplin is generally made of cotton yet can likewise be silk, fleece or manufactured blends. It doesn’t wrinkle much and is prominent for making shirts, dresses.Check out the post “what is poplin ?” for more subtleties on this fabric

Sewing cotton

This alludes to medium weight 100% cotton. It is otherwise called art cotton. For the most part they are printed. They can be utilized to sew dresses , tops and skirts other than blankets.

Ringspun fabric

A delicate strong fiber (typically cotton) spun preceding weaving, so it’s better, gentler and more sturdy than standard cotton. The winding before weaving makes the short hairs of cotton stick out, bringing about a more grounded yarn with a fundamentally milder hand.


A woven, light-to medium-weight fabric with a puckered appearance made of cotton or rayon.It is generally striped or checkered

Shirting cotton

Lightweight fresh cotton fabric with woven in stripes or checks. This is for the most part used to make men’s shirts

Silk cotton blend

This blend limits numerous shortcomings of cotton. This is utilized to make shirts and dresses.


A solid twill-weave smooth completed cotton fabric; utilized for pockets and linings


A shortened form for “predominant pima.” Made of 100% American pima cotton or extra-long staple cotton.


A retentive sew fabric as a rule in cotton, that has a plush heap of circles on one side. This fabric is utilized to make towels , washing robes and so on.


This is an overwhelming cotton fabric utilized in covering bedding; Usually utilized in making upholstery and other home style


Different fabrics (linen or cotton) used to make towels.


A medium-weight, plush sew fabric, typically made of cotton, with characteristics like velvet. It’s delicate and plush with a nearby, thick heap having a sheen. It is utilized in clothing ( sportswear, eveningwear)and upholstery.


A woven, cotton fabric with a velvet-like heap.

Velveteen plush

A cotton velveteen, yet the weft has longer buoys, which when cut give a more drawn out heap. The heap is additionally solidly bound


A delicate, fine, sheer fabric with a somewhat fresh feel. Typically produced using plain woven cotton, however can likewise be produced using acetic acid derivation, silk or rayon. It is lightweight transparent and has a decent wrap. It is utilized to make summer clothes and draperies


This is a tough cotton fabric with a corner to corner ribbed surface.This medium to overwhelming weight fabric is utilized to make coats, suits and sportswear

Which cotton is best for making clothes?

Cotton is normally named plain, twill and satin weaves as per the manner in which it is woven. For the layman ( like me ) this is of no enthusiasm than the manner in which the fabric feels against the body . All around firmly woven cotton will be cruel on the skin.

My preferred cotton fabric for making articles of clothing are poplin sateen and cotton jersey. I likewise love making dresses with polycotton, in view of its sheen and less wrinkling. The facts confirm that it isn’t as breathable as unadulterated cotton.

Knitting cotton in lovely prints are best for making children gowns, however it is slender and may need lining for article of clothing making. Voile is utilized for making child clothes. Muslin for underskirts/slips worn under dresses and tops

References : – American Cotton Shippers Association – United states department of agriculture. 

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