Why the Consistency is important in Social Media Marketing?

Consistency in Social Media Marketing

Your brand identity is what makes you instantly recognizable to your clients. Components which make up your brand’s identity are your :


  1. Name
  2. Logo
  3. Voice
  4. Colour scheme
  5. Typeface
  6. Message 

for example. Consistency with these elements is the key and helps to reinforce your brand reputation.

Color palette

Colors are used as a way to subconsciously manipulate the decision of consumers by brands. Deciding on a color palette which is consistent across your social media channels, will helps to make your images look like one well thought-out collection as opposed to a mismatched bunch of disconnected posts.


Typography is a visual component of the written word, also known as font. There are various fonts types, the most traditional being serif fonts like Times New Roman and sans serif fonts like Arial. Typeface or Typography consistency is often overlooked, but a consistent typeface is critical as it makes the content looks professional and keeps your readers focused on what is written.


The theme of your brand should always be consistently about your field or closely related themes such as the wider industry or inspiration for your the latest collection. This will help you for developing your audience and followers. For example: As a clothing brand, your posts should be centred around your products, such as sneak peeks at a new line or an on-location editorial shot.

Some brands fall into trap of being too irrelevant and pandering to larger social media discussions, discussing unrelated topics such as Soccer Ball results. This detracts from the meaning of your brand and makes followers who perhaps are not interested in the separate theme consider unfollowing you.


Your brand’s voice is an important aspect of defining your brand’s identity, as this is a way of conveying your values. Your voice is the framework for your social media content and you should think of your brand’s voice as an expression of its personality. For example, do you want that your brand to come across as honest, serious, or sarcastic?

You should ask yourself, When determining your voice:

How does we want to come across?

What reputation we want?

Our values what are ?

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