Best Palm Materials For GK Gloves

Palm Materials of Goalkeeper Gloves

There are many types of Palm latex available in the goalkeeper glove market and it can be confusing to know the benefits and attributes of each type. How durability is it? What is the grip? How does it perform in wet? Which is more cost effective? We are here to answer all of your questions with our simple guide below.

It is important to note that these ratings are the best on the gloves being looked after with best practice Glove Care guide. Palm Latex is a natural material that will be subject to abrasion from the very first use, and as such, the durability in particular may very depending how well this is followed and the type of surface where you play.

There are many types of Palm materials

  • Lightweight Foam
  • Pk Latex
  • New basic Latex
  • Super Low
  • Mega Grip
  • Supersoft
  • Aqua
  • Giga Grip
  • Contact
  • Quartz
  • Super Grip
gk glove palm

Lightweight Foam

Lightweight is a 2-2.5mm foam which is mostly used in Backhand area and It is also considered a material for cheap gloves. It is not gripy and durable as others but Its quality is looks pretty as we told in Backhand Materials.

Damboo / PK Latex

Damboo is a 3mm latex foam. It is hard, durable and more cost effective than other foams. But its grip is not far good as other latex materials. This is the only one reason therefore it is used in training gloves. It is also know as PK Latex and in high volume used in Backhand for attractive printing result.

German Latex 4mm / New Basic / Multicolored

New Basic is the special imported latex which import from overseas. It is one the latex foams which is highly used in palm and also used in backhand for professional goalkeeper’s gloves. Its grip and durability good but not well as High quality materials.

It is also know German Latex 4mm. But actually it is not 4mm, on the roll of this material there is 3+3 mentioned so that is why it’s considered 3mm Latex thickness and 3mm foam thickness which is laminated with the latex foam.

It’s also called a Multicolored Latex material. Because it available in multiple colors in the market. We don’t need any kind of printing to change its base color if the require color is available.

Super Low

Super Low is very similar to new basic latex. The only main difference between New basic and super low latex is their base color. We can easily judge the differ due to their colors. Super low is a bit dull than the new basic latex.

It is also used for professional gloves backhand.

Mega Grip

Mega Grip is the starting step material which is just recognize for the grip. In Dry Weather it performance is good but in we it gets a bit low than dry – not more! It’s durability is good but not as well as pros. It is expensive than previous versions of materials.


Supersoft latex is the very popular among the goalies. It is not more different than Mega Grip, New basic but its quality a bit higher than them. It is also expensive than previous.

Giga Grip

Giga Grip is one the materials which is used for Professional Gloves. It is more durable and quality material for glove’s palm. Which gives you the best performance in both weathers Wet as well as Dry. It is also available in very reasonable cost. Its price is very similar to Mega Grip.

Cyclone (Aqua Wet Weather)

Cyclone is known as Aqua Latex. It is specially made for wet weather performance. But it is also good for Dry weather. And its durability is also good.

Their is the bit confusion to select this material because the new basic material have a color type which is also called Aqua. Therefor many time it makes confuse the manufacturer and costumers in the selection.

Wet & Dry Latex

Wet & Dry latex is the all weather material. It gives a great performance in both weathers however it’s wet or dry. It is Durable and best quality latex for palm. But it’s price is bit higher than the previous versions.


Contact latex is a latex that delivers pro grade grip in dry conditions while still performing very well in the wet providing you look after and towel excess water (as you should with any glove). it is the top quality latex among the all latex foams. And very popular among the Professional level goalkeepers.

As well as new basic latex it is also available in various color range. It is expensive than all other latex materials available in the market


Quartz latex is a great “all-rounder” latex that would be well placed as an in-between of Giga and Contact. It demonstrates a very good grip in the dry as well as good in wet conditions. And also shows solid durability. Its cost stays between Giga and Contact as well as its quality.

Super Grip+

Super grip is the most popular material among the goalies in during days. It looks like quartz foam due to its spots inside same as Quartz. But its spots bigger than quartz. Unfortunately it is not available in the Market. It is the special material which is made and imported on demand from overseas. In during days it is used by uhlsports.